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my fandoms and ships.

my fandoms and ships.
band of brothers.
ships. webster/liebgott. babe/roe. nixon/winters. spiers/lipton.
friendships. skip&malarkey. harry&winters.
characters. leibgott. webster. babe. roe. skinny. shifty.
anti. not sure.

big time rush.
ships. logan/kendall. james/carlos.
friendships. logan&kendall&james&carlos.
characters. logan. kendall.
anti. the girls?

criminal minds.
ships. morgan/reid. jj/reid. garcia/morgan. will/jj.
friendships. garcia&reid&jj.
characters. reid. jj. garcia. will. morgan. emily.
anti. gideon. rossi. elle.

band of brothers/the pacific. hoosier/liebgott.
doctor who/generation kill. brad/ray/amy. walt/jack.
teen wolf/the vampire diaries. jeremy/jackson. jeremy/stiles. jeremy/derek/stiles/tyler. klaus/stiles.

dc. (i'm not really really into this fandom, i'm just a jason stan, obv.)
ships. jason/roy. dick/jason.
friendships. damian&dick.
characters. jason. roy. damian. dick.
anti. eh.

doctor who.
ships. doctor/jack. eleven/river.
friendships. jack&rose. doctor&donna.
characters. ten. jack. river. companions.
anti. dalek.

ships. any variations of lincoln/olivia/charlie. walter/belly.
friends. olivia&walter. astrid&anyone.
characters. altlivia. any lincoln. walter.
anti. hm.

generation kill.
ships. any combination of ray/walt/nate/brad. stafford/christenson.
friendships. mike&nate.
characters. ray. walt. nate.
anti. fucked up command.

ships. sam/puck. sam/rory.
friendships. brittany&rory.
characters. sam. puck. sebastian.
anti. quinn. brittany/santana. kurt/blaine.

gossip girl.
ships. any combination of chuck/nate/jenny. dan/chuck/nate.
friendships. jenny&eric. vanessa&dan.
characters. chuck. nate. dan.
anti. serena. georgina. blair (on some occasions, anyways).

harry potter.
ships. any combination of draco/ginny/blaise. pansy/draco. albus severus/scorpius. james/teddy.
friendships. ginny&pansy. ginny&luna.
characters. ginny. draco. blaise. luna.
anti. harry. ron. hermione. lily/scorpius. rose/scorpius.

ships. arthur/eames. any combination of arthur/eames/robert.
friendships. eames&ariadne. arthur&mal.
characters. arthur. eames. mal. robert.
anti. ariadne/arthur.

ships. david/jack. jack/joseph.
friendships. reverend&david.
characters. david. jack. reverend.
anti. silas. william.

marvel. (i blame tumblr. (this doesn't include x-men, okay?))
ships. billy/teddy. peter/wade. matt/wade. steve/tony. clint/natasha.
friendships. peter&tony.
characters. wade. tommy.
anti. eh?

ships. any combination of arthur/merlin/gwaine/morgana.
friendships. hm...
characters. arthur. merlin. gwaine. morgana. nimueh. mordred. freya.
anti. gwen. morgause.

ships. edmund/caspian. caspian/peter.
friendships. caspian&lucy.
characters. edmund. caspian. peter.
anti. susan/caspian.

percy jackson.
ships. any combination of percy/luke/nico. apollo/hermes. zeus/ganymede. apollo/dionysus.
friendships. rachel&percy. thalia&luke.
characters. luke. apollo. percy. hermes.
anti. annabeth.

pretty little liars.
ships. toby/emily. toby/spencer. aria/ezra.
friendships. emily&aria&spencer. wren&spencer.
characters. emily. toby. noel. spencer.
anti. hanna. allison.

ships. ian/lip. ian/mandy. ian/mickey.
friendships. fiona&kevin.
characters. ian. lip.
anti. linda.

ships. tony/maxxie. freddie/cook. nick/cook. tea/tony.
friendships. tony&chris. nick&matty. alo&rich.
characters. chris. maxxie. cook. nick. matty. alo. tea.
anti. effy. mini.

ships. ship all the ships. jace/alec. damon/warren. polly/dion. fleur/papillon.
friendships. alec&nathan.
characters. all the babies.
anti. alec/nathan. |:

star trek.
ships. kirk/spock. kirk/bones. chekov/sulu.
friendships. kirk&chekov.
characters. kirk. chekov. spock. bones. sulu.
anti. uhura.

ships. harvey/mike.
friendships. harvey&donna.
characters. mike. harvey. donna.
anti. louis. jenny. trevor. rachel.

ships. dean/castiel. adam/michael. dean/ruby 2.0.
friendships. bobby/winchesters. jo/dean.
characters. castiel. adam. dean. michael.
anti. ruby 1.

teen wolf.
ships. derek/stiles. stiles/jackson.
friendships. stiles&scott.
characters. stiles. jackson. derek. lydia.
anti. the argents. scott (for the most part). the alpha.

the covenant.
ships. reid/tyler.
friendships. pogue&tyler.
characters. reid. tyler.
anti. aaron/tyler. caleb/reid.

the hunger games.
ships. finnick/annie. gale/peeta. finnick/peeta.
friendships. peeta&annie.
characters. finnick. gale. annie.
anti. katniss.

the mortal instruments.
ships. jace/alec.
friendships. jace&isabelle.
characters. jace. alec. isabelle.
anti. clary.

the pacific.
ships. sledge/snafu. sledge/sid. hoosier/sid. ack ack/hillbilly.
friendships. hoosier&leckie.
characters. snafu. sledge. sid. hoosier.
anti. the chicks in australia?

the social network.
ships. chris/dustin. cameron/divya/tyler. mark/eduardo.
friendships. chris&dustin&mark&eduardo.
characters. chris. dustin. cameron. tyler. eduardo.
anti. christy. sean.

the vampire diaries.
ships. any combination of jeremy/damon/tyler. klaus/stefan. stefan/damon. jeremy/anna. tyler/klaus.
friendships. tyler&matt.
characters. jeremy. tyler. klaus. caroline. katherine.
anti. anything involving bonnie. tyler/caroline.

the walking dead.
ships. daryl/happiness. shane/happiness.
friendships. shane&rick.
characters. daryl. shane. glenn.
anti. maggie/glenn. andrea.

ships. jack/the universe. jack/owen. jack/ianto.
friendships. all of them basically.
characters. owen. jack. gwen. ianto.
anti. tosh/owen.

white collar.
ships. peter/neal. peter/elizabeth.
friendships. neal&elizabeth. neal&alex. neal&mozzie.
characters. neal. diana. mozzie. alex.
anti. kate. sara.

x-men: evolution.
ships. kitty/pietro. kitty/lance. kitty/remy. kitty/ray. kitty/almost everyone.
friendships. kitty&wanda. pietro&wanda.
characters. pietro. ray. kitty. remy. pyro. wanda.
anti. rogue. toad.

x-men: first class.
ships. any combination of alex/hank/sean. alex/erik. erik/charles. azazel/riptide.
friendships. raven&charles.
characters. alex. hank. sean. erik.
anti. erik/raven. beast (me likes human hank.). shaw.

x-men: trilogy.
ships. any combination of kitty/bobby/john.
friendships. logan&storm.
characters. kitty. john. bobby. warren.
anti. rogue.

young justice.
ships. any combination of dick/roy/wally.
friendships. kaldur&roy. artemis&dick.
characters. roy. dick. wally.
anti. conner/m'ghann.
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