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big ass post of teen wolf feels.

this is mostly for amanda because it seems like almost everyone else has turned into dumb asses.

i think i'm going to do this one character at a time and see if that works.

scott. fucking baby boy, let me just hug you and pat you on the head and simultaneously smack you. a++ on the plan, that was epic and that actually caught me off guard, though i don't think it should have. but i honestly don't get how derek isn't going to be his alpha. like is he going to go back to being an omega after all the shit that went down? does he honestly think it's going to be all sunshine and rainbows again? because, you dumb puppy. because regardless of the fact that he could be an alpha in the future, he's not there yet and i really don't think that's something that's just going to happen. and then things with allison. i was sort of torn. because i do like them together, i do like their dynamic, but i honestly think it's going to take more than time and distance for things to be okay, so i have a feeling that that relationship is going to splinter some and not be quite the teenage romance it was.

allison. oh baby girl. i just fucking loved everything. i may have been overly pissed about a lot of stuff, but it's one of those situations where i have to remind myself that she was grieving and brain washed as well. but still that arc was fucking brilliant and amazing to watch unfold and i'm sort of excited to see where she goes from there.

stiles. FUCKING. PERFECT. FOREVER. can i just say that i lovelovelove where he's going as a character now? i like that we're getting this other side of stiles, this darker, grittier side to stiles. and it's not even happening in the cliched way that most teen dramas do. most of it revolves around a girl and while some of it does with stiles, but so much of it is because of his dad and his family and this underlying need that stiles has to just help people. and it's finally wearing him down and i love that. because people get burnt out, when it's all givegivegive and no one giving back because lets be real, scott isn't a horrible friend but he's not a good one either. and lydia is obviously not reciprocating. and i have this theory that stiles sort of set himself up for it. he built lydia up on this pedestal in his head, this unattainable figure, so he would never have to face that rejection, but now that she's changed, that rejection is something that he has to face. and now that he's realizing this, that he's realizing that lydia might potentially be attainable in way that she completely isn't because she is in love with someone else, he's got to get passed that. and it's not something that's going to happen overnight, despite the pace of the show. and people are constantly commenting on how stiles needs someone that will love him as much as he loves them, about how he deserves better than lydia, and then subsequently shipping him with derek, who would potentially be worse at returning that love than lydia. because we have to be honest, derek isn't exactly a fountain of emotions. he's not just suddenly going to love stiles, but stiles has always, will always throw himself fully into his emotions. there's no way that derek is ever going to get over his anger and angst and his past to give stiles that love back so that is such a double standard. not to mention the abusive level of that relationship which i do actually think people tend to glaze over and make it seem like it's okay.

and also i'm going to be cliche and quote the perks of being a wallflower because it fits so much in that 'we accept the love we think we deserve' which is so true, even if people aren't willing to admit it. and this is where i'm so similar to stiles that it actually hurts, because i set up these situations in my head, these fantasies in my head that aren't in any way possible, so that it hurts less when the rejection comes. and we've seen with stiles's flash at lydia's party and in everything else about stiles that he doesn't think he's worth it. he doesn't think he's good enough for people, for anything. and that's something he has to get past also before he's at all viable for a remotely healthy or lasting relationship.

jackson. i don't think i can be articulate in this one because my jackson feels have sort of overwhelmed me into tears several times already. plus i just i don't know how to articulate how much i love jackson as a character. as a character, because we've all seen that he's a completely flawed human/werelizard/werewolf/teenage mutant ninja turtle. regardless, jackson has Issues. lots of Issues. mommy and daddy issues, confidence issues, pride issues, Issues. and i can actually relate to them, but as a sort of antithesis to how jackson deals with them. as jackson's adopted, he puts this pressure on himself to be better, to be perfect at everything, just to prove that he's worth it, that his parents made the right decision when they adopted him. he builds up this persona, this image of the perfect child that slowly starts to crumble when it's challenged in a way that he doesn't see himself overcoming when scott first gets the bite. but then suddenly, there's his chance to get back to the top again, but it all falls apart under him in the worst fashion ever. where jackson has no control over himself, yet he becomes aware that something is wrong, that something bad is happen, he has the presence of mind to warn lydia, to warn danny, that he's not okay that he's something bad. and in the end, it's lydia that saves him with the key. his anchor back to humanity. and then he submits, because there's no other way to put it, he gives in to the fact that he's going to die, that he has to die in order to keep the people he cares about safe. he closes his eyes, spreads his arms, he nods, he says 'okay, i have to do this, not for me, but for lydia, for the girl i love, because if i don't, i might kill her.' and i just, 'no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for a friend'. and there's so much more that i can ramble about with jackson, but that's just the basis of it all. and for season three, i think jackson may revert back to some of his old ways, but i think there's left over emotional damage and trauma that's going to keep him from fully going back to that and i think we're going to see a change in jackson, because teen wolf has been fairly realistic in its character development and how people change in regards to their situations and experiences.

isaac. is the freakishly tall, adorable puppy, love of my life. the end.

derek. i just really want to talk about when they're at the warehouse, when the things with jackson happens, how he reaches out to isaac and grabs isaac's shoulder-collar bone. because i think that was derek's turning point right there. where it finally sank in that he needed help, that he had people he could trust, that there were people that he could lean on without having to worry about them stabbing him in the back. i have so many more derek feels that i don't even know if there are words to describe them. there is so much more room for him to grow, for him to expand and i just really want to see that happen. i want to see him starting to get over what happened in the past and starting to learn how to actually be a good alpha and. there's just so much i want to see with him that i'm not really sure how to articulate it.

danny. for season three regular. the end.

peter. sassmaster is back and i can't come up with any sort of defining word to explain how much i love peter. okay, let me start off by saying that i loved peter in season one. crazy bastard that he was/is, but he was just really fantastic and ian bohen is really fantastic and he brings such a depth to peter that i really don't understand how it's possible. but i just really enjoy his sass and i actually really do think that he isn't back to cause hell. just i honestly truly believe that he is back to help because derek is all he has left and i really don't think that peter has completely lost all of his humanity yet or else he wouldn't actually be helping derek in his sassmaster way. and i'm not sure that this is making sense.

chris. i just want to octopus hug him because he's so...i don't even know, morally right despite everything that has happened. he seems to be the only one set in who he is and i really like that.

deaton. intriguing mother fucker i just want to know what you are. but i think he's potentially the antithesis of a hunter. like the werewolves answer to hunters, in a way. almost like it's their job to step in when hunters cross the line and it's their job to keep werewolves furry asses safe and in line. and man i'm just really curious about him and creepy guidance lady that never fucking ages like ben barnes or some shit.

lydia. i almost feel like the only person that isn't overly impressed by lydia this season. because i wanted the crazy and i didn't get it. and i want the emotional trauma that comes with bringing her nightmare to life. and that comes with being left in the dark for so long. but i do have to admit that it took fucking balls to go up to the kanima with that key when she had no clue if it would work or if it would cut her throat open. and obviously her relationship with jackson still needs a lot of work, but i want them to explore that. and i can't get over how much i want lydiastiles friendship. obviously, stiles has things to deal with before he can't get to a point where a friendship with lydia wouldn't be overly self destructive of him, but i just really want that to happen.

erica&boyd. also feel like the only person that could care less if they died. just, there really is no point to them anymore, i think. they've shown that they really don't know what to do with erica and i think it's the same with boyd or we would've gotten more. i have a feeling that they're going to dead next season.


sheriff. all the stilinski feels. i just have no words for this family, i really don't.

i think that's everything.
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